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This Month in History


BIRMINGHAM REWOUND has a page tucked away in a musty, mothball-scented corner of Facebook. 

Like us, and .... well, I can't offer you a free coffee or 10% off your purchase, but I CAN say with confidence you won't be disappointed.  We'll be featuring discussions and pictures (some you won't find on the main site!) and who knows what else. 

Come join our community, why don't you?

The Carle family - with help from Huntsville Rewound creator/webmaster Lance George - have created a website honoring the long career of Benny Carle, one of Alabama's most beloved "kiddie show" icons of old.  His long career spanned both Birmingham and Huntsville. 

Be sure to visit Huntsville Rewound,
created and operated by Lance George.

And yet another Lance George production is
Atlanta Rewound.


January 30, 2015: REWOUND is 10!   New graphic header for the main page, added larger link to TMIH page.
December 1, 2013: Added section on The Pizitz Enchanted Forest, 1973.
April 1, 2012: 
April Fools gag ("Magic City Savings").
November 30, 2011: Added section on vintage Birmingham Centennial ads (1971).
April 1, 2011: April Fools gag ("Expired Domain")
July 31, 2010:  Added 50th anniversary salute to Eastwood Mall.
May 20, 2010: Added link to Atlanta Rewound.
May 8, 2010: Added links to REWOUND Facebook site created Friday, 05/07.
March 31, 2010: Added Farewell to Loveman's page.   Also April Fools gag : "Birmingham Unwound"]
February 1, 2010: Added section for Western Hills Mall 40th anniversary. 
January 3, 2010: This month in history date ranges changed to 1940/1950/1960/1970)  
    Moved features on Grayson's and Vege-Cal to their own pages.  Added links to Bennycarle.com

October 13, 2009: Corrected name of the 'mystery tonic' from VEGETOL to VEGE-CAL; Added pics from Webmaster of the iron man in Hartselle.
September 12, 2009: Added another "Vegetol Man" picture from outside Hartselle (Morgan County), contributed by Mr. James Moody.
August 31, 2009: Added "Vegetol Man" feature.
August 14, 2009: Modified link for new website - Huntsville Rewound.
August 9, 2009: Added link to newly-created Huntsville Rewound page on Facebook.
January 20, 2009: Moved to new server.  Old host is now inactive.
December 12, 2008: Added 'favicon' (Vulcan's "key lime popsicle") to the site.   Very special thanks go to Beth Walker for creating and submitting. 
December 6, 2008: Added two photos from K. Allen Culp, on the main page (Cousin Cliff & the Jack's Chicken).  She also "cleaned up" the Pizitz and Rich's Christmas microfilm ads from the December 1978 page (Thanks!).
November 30, 2008: Added image of "Birmingham History Map" from December 1968.
October 30, 2008:  Added page on the "Heidi game" in Birmingham and some pictures of 1960s Gardendale, courtesy of Robert Brewis.   Moved "Quacker Jack" image to Jack's page.
September 9, 2008: Added memorial item about Cousin Cliff, who passed away September 8th.
July 6, 2008: Added link to News article on Cousin Cliff Holman (Alzheimer's).
June 2, 2008:  New section on  60th anniversary of KIDDIELAND.
April 22, 2008: Updated information for ABANDONED FIVE POINTS WEST MALL & PIZITZ STORE
March 6, 2008: Aaron Tanner's A Centennial Tribute to Cora Saxon debuts.
January 31, 2008: REWOUND remembers Valentines of Yesteryear.
January 1, 2008: Debuted new title banners (using color scheme of old Birmingham streetcars).
September 2, 2007: BIRMINGHAM REWOUND's Back-to-School Special.
July 25, 2007: Took "Memories" section offline.  Removed links from front page.
July 21, 2007: Added mention of Ward McIntyre's passing to front page, with several pictures.
July 6, 2007: Updated and put Eastwood Mall Remembered back online.
April 17, 2007: Added scanned image of late '60s Shoney's Big Boy/WAPI-TV matchbook from Greg Glenn.
March 13, 2007: Unveiled two new features: Roebuck Plaza's 50th Anniversary and Rockin' With Roddy
December 13, 2006: Christmas Past lives on!  Two Birmingham "retromercials" added to This month in history
December 3, 2006: Debuted new feature: a tribute to "Your Album Station", K-99 (WVOK-FM; WRKK).
September 3, 2006: Added newly found snapshots from 1956 of the first Romper Room with "Miss Jean" Pierce. 
August 7, 2006: This month in history begins.
July 3, 2006: New feature: Showplaces of the South by Tim Hollis.
June 18, 2006: Brand new section: The Listening Room, with audio clips to listen and enjoy.
June 1, 2006: REWOUND moves to new webspace, with new domain: birminghamrewound.com
    ... New section: Fun & Games ... New feature: Cavalcade of logos

March 2006: New section on Hill's Supermarket added.  Added some vintage radio pictures to the RADIO-TV page.  Also modified some text.
New page on '70s Birmingham Top-40 Wars added.  Added new picture to Five Points West section (WAPI remote - great panoramic shot!)
Added newly-found picture of Birmingham's first Romper Room teacher, Miss Jean, to the MAGIC CITY KIDS' SHOWS section.
February 2006: Some changes to TV history text on RADIO-TV page.
October 2005: New feature added: BIRMINGHAM: THEN AND NOW
New "extra": BIRMINGHAM TEEN CULTURE, 1967 ... small changes to ROADSIDE ... updates to RADIO & TV (info on color TV in Birmingham)
August 2005: NEW UPDATES TO THE EASTWOOD MALL SITE ... many, many new pictures added!
07/02/2005: Updates to SHERER'S DRIVE-IN and ROADSIDE
05/30/2005: Special section added: "MAGIC CITY KIDS' SHOWS"
04/24/2005: Small update to Jack's Hamburgers (added early pic of Sgt. Jack) .... New page added: BURGER IN A HURRY
03/13/2005: Updated BARGAIN TOWN USA (many new pictures), BARBER'S MILK, RADIO & TV (page 2)
New pages added: SHERER'S DRIVE-IN, Joe Dentici on the WENN Radio upheaval of 1976
02/13/2005: Updated Roadside, Radio & TV ...  new page added: Jack's Hamburgers

January 18, 2005: BIRMINGHAM REWOUND debuts.

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