Get in touch ... but not literally (my wife wouldn't like that too much)

Do you have pictures, postcards, memorabilia, videos, tapes, etc. you'd like to contribute to the cause?

Do you have comments and suggestions for this site -- high praise to boost the Webmaster's ego?

Or do you want to brutally pick apart this entire amateurish attempt at a website?

Bring it on.  I can take it.   -RW

SUBMISSIONS can be made via several means: 

E-MAIL, if you have scanned images of pictures, postcards or memorabilia.  Use either e-mail address you see below. 

SNAIL MAIL, if you don't have access to a scanner, or the materials (i.e. audio/video matter) cannot easily be digitized ... and you wish to loan or donate anything for inclusion.  A Birmingham address is listed below, or you may e-mail or call to obtain the Webmaster's mailing address. 
** Any loaned matter will be treated with the utmost TLC it deserves! ** 

IN PERSON  ....Have anything to offer, but don't feel comfortable putting them in the mail, or letting them out of your sight?  Perfectly understandable.  Simply get in touch with one of us.  If you're in the Birmingham area, you'll want to call, write or e-mail Tim Hollis to make arrangements.

RUSSELL WELLS (Creator & Webmaster)
Office phone: 502 / 814 - 6591
Address available upon request.   Facebook page    
E-mail: web.master -a-t- birminghamrewound -d-o-t- com
or russell -a-t- birminghamrewound -d-o-t- com
[NOTE 'PERIOD' IN THE MIDDLE; "webmaster" has been disabled due to excessive spam]

TIM HOLLIS ("Director of Archives & History")
P.O. Box 310727
Birmingham, AL 35231
Office phone: 205 / 674 - 0101
Home phone: 205 / 648 - 6110
FAX: 205 / 674 - 0190
E-mail: tim -a-t- birminghamrewound -d-o-t- com

(Campbell's Publishing, 1991) 

Tim Hollis' first book is officially out of print, but some copies remain ..... Tim has 'em, so if you're interested in reading further about one of the icons of Birmingham kiddie TV, e-mail Tim:

Info about his other books may be obtained here, too.

Any items provided this site will be properly and clearly credited to the contributor.

Oh ... and THANK YOU!  With your help, the sights and sounds of Birmingham Past will live on.

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